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Windsurfing Sales is not an active supplier in the Australian Windsurfing business (as at November 2017) however remains open to discussions with suppliers from wide variety of industries (including Windsurfing) looking for a quality Australia based distributor.

We maintain the site to celebrate our customer value proposition, celebrate our role as an early internet business, plus importantly to give a feel to suppliers of who we are and how we operate with a view to potential Australian distribution.

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It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Windsurfing Sales is commencing the process of closing down.

We thank all of our customers and supporters over the years and am sure that many friendships formed will continue.

We started the business in late 2005 and Loft Sails has gone from nil to an established competitive brand in Australia and we are very proud for our part in this. We earlier also imported Gun Sails which were a terrific company to deal with but it was more difficult to place their sails in the Australian market. Their accessories booms and bags tho still remain favourite items.

It has also been a pleasure to have been involved with our Loft Sails team riders who have done us proud for so long, Vando and earlier Choco.

The reasons for closure are various. However late 2014 sail order production prompted the decision to exit rather than take delivery of 2014 sails too late in the Australian season. A lower AUD hasn't helped either. We also have other life priorities, the pitter patter of little peoples feet included.

So we make the difficult decision to exit from the business.

We are still here and still support spare parts and service for clients products.

Loft Sails place 1, 2 and 3 at Burrum Heads!!

At Burrum Heads Queenslands longest running and largest speed sailing event for the year, Loft Sailors ended up taking places 1, 2 and 3 in the 2 sec, 5x10 sec and Nautical Mile ranking!

Magazine Test Results

Loft Sails continue to receive top magazine reviews and many competition podium results.

The Loft

Loft Sails is now the preferred brand of many Aussie windsurfers ... in more than a few windsurfing communities Loft is the most used gear. Lots of personal bests set on Loft gear too!

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